Our boats are perfect for your private fishing trip in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterways. What a fun way to spend the day with family and friends, always a great experience. Some of our rental boats are equiped specifically for your fishing trip with coolers, fish boxes, rod holders, and live bait wells. We give you a chart and will point you in the right direction for some wonderful fishing spots. Be sure to have your Florida Saltwater Fishing License before you go. *These can vary depending on residential status and even species of fish.

Common Game Fish of the Gulf Coast

(typical 15-25 lbs.)

Black Grouper
Typical Length: 24"

Typical Length: 33"

White Grunt
(typical 1 lb.)

King Mackerel
Typical Length: 30"

Mangrove Snapper
(typical 1-5 lbs.)

Red Snapper
Typical Length: 16"


Sea Trout
Typical Length: 18"

Typical Length: 30"
(Requires Snook Permit)

Typical Length: 50"

Black Sea Bass
Typical Length: 12"

Gag Grouper
(typical 5-20 lbs.)

Jack Crevale
Typical Length: 18"

Mahi Mahi
(typical 15-29 lbs)

Red Grouper
Typical Length: 20"

Typical Length: 12"

Typical Length: 50"
(Requires Tarpon Tag)